Next Generation


Nature is beautiful
in many ways.
Like snow, rain, sand, and flowers.
I love windy and rainy
days. What kind of days do you like?
The End.

Nature is beautiful
   Nature is beautiful

Letter to Poppa

To Poppa,

Subject: Haikus

It’s me! Róisín! I got your letter. I have included a haiku for you to put on your website. If you don’t know what a haiku is, read the back to find out! I have wrote an example haiku for you to read! I wrote this haiku because I was stressed that my haikus weren’t working. But I changed a bit of it. But I wrote the original too.

from Róisín


Explaining Haikus

Haikus are poems that are spaced out into three lines. First line five, second line, seven, third line five.

Here is my example.


I don’t like Haikus.
Haikus are terrible things.
Haikus are the worst.



I hate haikus
Haikus are terrible things
I hate haikus


Editorial comment: She clearly doesn’t like haikus